“Research is a systematic search for knowledge and solutions, it eliminates reliance on guesswork, intuition and voodoo-based knowledge”
- Mofasi Lekota (Founder Equal Access Group).

At Equal Access Research (EAR) we believe research provides a framework for our systematic processes we use to gain deep insights into often complex problems. Research enables us to provide our clients with effective solutions to their problems. Our research activities center around three areas of importance to most modern organizations: Innovation & globalization, leadership search, strategy development and implementation.

Innovation & Globalization

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"
- Steve Jobs.

At Equal Access Innovation and Globalization we work with our clients to protect themselves from disruption, disrupt others, and to build a culture of innovation. Following indepth research of the specific industry, the key competitors and emergent threat analysis we, together with our clients, develop innovation focused on either one or more of:

• A new business model
• New product or service strategies
• Innovative marketing strategies, or
• Improved business processes.

Our approach is to help clients identify growth in their core, adjacent and new markets. Our innovation process starts with a deepdive into the company’s customer needs, customer value identification, competing products or services offerings, technical and financial capabilities. We then identify and agree with our clients what the desired outcomes are.These may be new markets to enter, struggling products to reinvent, offerings to be differentiated, adjacent markets to be exploited, protection against disruption needed, or opportunities to disrupt. We understand that in competition like in war sometimes the best form of defence is attack and in other circumstances the best form of attack is defence. We integrate these approaches into what we call DNA (Defend and Attack) strategy. DNA is a systematic and effective way of optimizing enterprise resillience and fueling future growth trajectory. For our clients who seek to globalize we assit them in defining a clear roadmap to enter global markets. We start this process with a globalization audit entailing evaluation of both internal and external factors. Internal factors include business processes, technology and multilingual capabilities. External factors include potential business partners, regulators, suppliers and customers. The output is a clear roadmap with measurable milestones and a programme of implementation support.

Executive Search

“Most contemporary executive search services result in nothing but placement of a one-eyed executive among the blind or the best of the worst.”
- Mofasi Lekota (Founder Equal Access Group).

Executive search processes followed by many practitioners have inherrent shortcomings. Often the consultants’ reach for potential candidates is limited to media advertising and personal network of contacts. Advertising has limited effectiveness because it attracts only those candidates that are looking for change. There are many good potential candidates that are not looking that the advert and contemporary search procedures overlook. At Equal Access Executive Search we are mainly after those rarely found gems. We find them using a combination of conventional and unconventional methods.

Another inherrent shortcoming of traditional search is that many practioners rely mainly on candidate interviews, background checks, and outdated assesment methods. Interviews are mechanical and give more of rehearsed responses than reliable and useful data. Most of the assessment methods are, to say the least speculative and scientifically unsubstantiable; some are based on unreliable theories comparable only to whitchcraft. At Equal Access Executive Search we bring search and selection to the human level that allows us to get to know our candidates as closely as it is possible. We go beyond the interview and voodoo-based assessment methods by delving deeper into the charatcer and values of the individual under consideration. We utilize extensive 360-degrees referencing approach similar to the one used by intelligence agencies in modern societies.

At Equal Access Executive Search we conduct a thorough environmental scan to understand factors affeting our client’s operations: Key products/services, markets, customers, competitors, technology, strategic plans and organizational culture. We then follow a thorough search process to identify potentially suitable candidates. This is followed by the application of a unique skills and culture fit assessment methods that go beyond the traditional interviews to find a maximum of three most suitable candidates. Our retained search assignments has found C-suite candidates for many organizations in financial services, telecoms, education, mining, hospitality, aviation and manufacturing.

Strategy Development & Implementation

Our strategy consulting services entail providing advise to our clients to address their most critical challenges. Clients consult with us when faced market challenges, growth ambitions, competitive pressure, transformation requirements, evaluation of high value opportunities, and other business challenges. Equal Access Strategy (EAS) is a customized approach to strategy that delivers enduring results for and create longterm realtionships with our clients. We help our clients build sustainable enterprises by ensuring alignment between their and our objectives.

Our work has created impactful results for clients of all sizes from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors mainly in Southern Africa. Over the years we have worked with clients in various industries including transportation, financial services, media, oil & gas, retail, public sector, technology, telecoms and alternative energy.

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