Our philosphy is premised on a definition that a leader is an individual with the ability to influence others to align their efforts towards the achievement of a common goal. To do this a leader needs to have a character that motivates others and instills confidence and trust. Our leadership coaching approach support our clients in enhancing their abilities to lead and increase their ethical awareness. Equal Access Coaching, a division of Equal Access Group, provides coaching services in three areas: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and Personal Career.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching

“It is said business is an intersection between war and sports. Therefore to learn the art of business you need not only practice but also learn from those who are experienced in the war and sports of business. Entrepreneurs are the best to learn entrepreneurship from.” Mofasi Lekota (Founder Equal Access Group).

It is estimated that all people of working age aspiring to be entrepreneurs, only one percent actually do create an enterprise that reaches a stage of selling a product or service. Of those only one percent end up creating business enterprises that survive over ten years and only one quarter of those businesses become self-sustaining. This makes entrepreneurship a rare and priviledged occupation.

Most enterprises are developed on a linear path that entails idea generation, customer validation, financial viability, and organizational self-sustainability. For the organization to transtion successfully from one stage to the other a different combination and application of leadership skills is required at each of these stages. Equal Access Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching uses a unique process that we call True-North. This is a systematic diagnosis of the enterprise and the determination of the entrepreneur’s skills set. We then provide a taylor made roadmap to support our clients navigate the path towards succesfull entrepreneurial leadership. Using a combination of coaching, skills development and pairing ensures our clients attain their ultimate business objectives, their True-North. At Equal Access Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching we walk the path with our clients.

Organizational Leadership Coaching

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” Muhammad Ali.

Yes, we work behind the scenes to assist our clients achieve victory long before they present financial results to their stakeholders. Every successful individual has at one stage or another benefitted from some form of coaching services, be it formally or informally. Because modern business environment is characterized by disruptive innovations and technologies, leadership challenges are today more complex and more pressing than they were before. The fast pace of technological developments and globalization neccessitate systematic leadership coaching to help organizational leaders achieve their success.

At Equal Access Organizational Leadership Coaching we view our role as assisting clients improve their lives, relationships, and business performance. We use our unique approach called Pentagonal Prism Framework (PPF) to support our clients through:

• Active listening & powerful questioning
• Creating awareness
• Setting goals
• Designing actions
• Managing progress & accountability

We work with our clients through an integrated process of discovery, development, and transformation to achieve quantifiable results. Our coached executives experience life-changing self-awareness that leads them to AHA moments as they finally access new opportunities. Their behavior changes for the better as they achieve new results. These achievements are only realizable through dedication and commitment to purpose on both sides.

Personal Career Coaching

“Everbody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its abiity to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

Career coaching is intended for accomplished C-level executives seeking to transition their careers to a higher level of responsibility. For those at a career crossroad we help them re-engage and redeploy their experience and skills. We help clients realize their post-career dreams that balance part-time work, family, leisure, and other meaningful engagements.

We ensure that our clients’ next move is the right move. Our approach to career coaching is based on career strategy planning and implementation that assists our clients avoid the usual dead-end trap afflicting many mid-career executives. The Equal Access Personal Career Coaching process entails:

• Assessing competencies and leadership skills
• Identifying career aspirations
• Calibrating of career aspiration & leadership skills
• Developing an executable career plan
• Assisting in implementation of career plan.

Our customized process not only devleops action plans but helps transition clients along their chosen path. Many years of executive search experience has endowed us with a useful network of contacts both in global corporate, not-for profit organizations, government-owned companies, and international search companies looking for C-level executives. We help our clients transition to new full-time jobs, start-up ventures as entrepreneurs, consultants, directors, and leaders in the not-for-profit sector.

This service is also available to corporate organizations going through restructuring and wishing to provide its exiting executives with alternative career assistance.


We provide services to our worldwide clients through specialized divisions organized around:

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Personal Career

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